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Broken, the first book in a new Sci-Fi series is now available in print or for Kindle. Look for it on Amazon! If you enjoy tales of the Old West and appreciate a fast-moving story, I think you'll like the landscape and the characters presented in my Western novels such as Killing Time and Anasazi Trail. Fans of thrillers might enjoy Night of the Beast, a tale of transgenic splicing gone wrong! A suspenseful novel, Velvet Green, was published in 2020, thanks to an outstanding editor, Angela B. Wade.

A new feature, a preview button, has been added to each book page. It allows you to browse pages of a novel before you buy; just like in a bookstore! I hope you enjoy my stories! - SC

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Broken: Genesis

Track of the Wolf

Anasazi Trail

Velvet Green

Killing Time

Killing Time

Resurrection of Cain

Behold a Pale Horse

Dane's Law

A Child of the Wind

Night of the Beast